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....Here is a sample puffy niple pic from a wild set of pics of an accountant babe that REALLY surprised me! Erin (aka Red) has done my books here in Las Vegas for years....and I never noticed what a doll she was until recently. She came into work one Saturday and she was wearing a great and sexy halter top...she was always real conservative in dress, but that day she was looking GREAT! I immediately saw her hard nipples outlined in the halter-top and it totally stopped me in-my-tracks! I stumbled over the rug and spilled my coffee all-over........and Red started to laugh! I was a bit embarrassed by the whole incident....and Red said " I see that you like my nipples....want to see them up-close?" Yikes.....Did I ever! I asked her if she would pose for me and she said that she would LOVE to and she said that

redhead with Puffy Niples

she would like to have her tits sucked first! Well, I hate to disappoint a lady, so I walked over to Red and lifted up that little top. What a GREAT surprise she had for me.....super Puffy Niples that stood up on terriffic tits! She licked her fingers and rubbed and pulled on her nipples until they both stood out an inch from her perfect tits, then she brought my open mouth down and slipped her hard nipple in!

She groaned and squealed as I sucked greedily and I gently squeezed each tit as I ate her.....then she slid my hand down to her warm, wet pussy and began to rub! I asked her if I could eat her box after I sucked on both of her nipples and she grinned and said "please do!". She told me that she wanted to eat some sperm too, and that she was real hungry for cock.....then she gently pulled her Puffy Niples from my lips and got down on her knees in front of me. Red unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard leaking cock. The juice was running out of my cock in streams....and she lapped-up the precum with her soft tongue....

Ok, that is as much of the story I'm going to share in this free site! Want to see the REST of Red's hot pics? Then you need to


Puffy Niples

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Puffy Niples